The Spirit of the Fox

beware the creeping fox

wily foe

ready to pounce


embrace the cautious fox

cunning ally

swift to adapt


follow the persistent fox

wise mentor

advising patience

Owl Flight


with piercing gaze

sheering through vapid illusion

as the night’s deep mysteries reveal

themselves within verdant

wells of feminine


Last week we visited Burnby Hall Gardens, in Yorkshire. It was a beautiful place. I particularly enjoyed wandering around the stumpery, where these pictures were all taken. The many unturned tree stumps, all covered in growth, provide a wonderful haven for wildlife.

I hadn’t actually intended to post on here today. I had to reload the app on my phone and when I logged in, my notifications informed me that today is my WordPress Anniversary. Yay! I’ve now had my blog for 5 years, though it’s changed somewhat in that time. And, yes, my posts have been a little scarce recently. But I couldn’t resist posting after finding that out.

Beyond the Fence

 gaze out past the fence line

to the wilder land beyond

 to where the beasts roam

through the twilight glow and

birds sing farewell to the day

each creature knows their role

within the choreography of life

and as you gaze out, you know

the wild possibities of your own


I’m still staying through at my parents’ house at the moment, and I’ve quickly slipped back into my old habit of spending some time at the end of the day down at the bottom of the garden, watching the sun sink below the horizon. Whilst I love the view from the top of the Lincolnshire Ridge at sunset, the view over this field holds an unchanging place in my heart – even when the sunsets themselves aren’t the most impressive ones.

The added bonus of being down by the fence at this time of day is that sunset is the time when the cattle tend to make their way back to the barn for a while. Most of the day they spend on the far side of the field,so this is a good opportunity to snap a few photos. Each day they’re getting a bit braver and a few more are approaching me at the fence to say ‘hello’.


ascend the path to wisdom

as you explore the secret

pathways that entice you

to remain forever within

those enchanted reveries

that promise secret loves


Last weekend we visited Brodsworth Hall and Gardens, in South Yorkshire. I still can’t walk very far or very fast so we just had a leisurely stroll around the gardens. I particularly enjoyed my time amongst the ferns.

Here are a few more pictures:

Poppy Dreams

sleep in restful meadows

where the poppies sway

heart and mind and soul

cocooned in dreams that

soothe grief’s jagged edges

as the woven breadth of

the universe is revealed in

shining vision of lifelines

intertwined in silent songs

of eternal remembrance



amidst the blooms as

vibrant sunlight streams on through

illuminating dull endeavours

into joy


Take a seat, there, upon the path, beside the Granny’s Bonnets. There’s a buzzing, sound coming from amidst the sunlit flowers. There’s a bee – you know there is, even if it remains hidden from sight. You strain your eyes to spot it, to see it dart from bloom to bloom.

The damn thing has got to be in there somewhere!


You just need to have patience. Calm you breath; calm your mind; calm your spirit. You’ll catch a glimpse. In time.

For now, just exist in the moment. And the bee will do the same.


Meadow Song

Stop and take a seat beside the sun dappled path, and watch as the flowers sway in the warm spring breeze. See, as they dance to the meadow’s unique melody.

Listen carefully. Can you hear it?

Birds trill their songs from the trees in joyous counterpoint to the buzzing of the bees and the insects that flit amongst the fragrant blooms. The delicate susurrus of a butterfly’s wings as it settles to sip nectar offers a delicate theme, whilst the distant scuffle of a startled rabbit plays out alongside the chitter of a squirrel as it scuttles by overhead. A pheasant croaks in percussive accompaniment.


Just listen. And nature’s symphony will lift your spirit in exuberant concert.

So stop and take a seat beside the sun dappled path, and watch the flowers as they sway in the warm spring breeze.


I’m still staying at my parents’ house, which means, of course, that I’m still spending as much time as I can in the village meadow. It’s nice not to have to drive through from Lincoln whenever I want to visit. My DSLR camera, which is too heavy for me to comfortably use while suffering with back pain, continues to remain in its case while my phone camera (Samsung J3) is getting lots of use.

Here are some of the pictures that I took during yesterday’s meadowbathing session:


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