Watching the Goldfinches

I spent most of day 244 of 365 Days Wild – which was also day 3 of the Big Garden Birdwatch – completing the picture of the goldfinches on the sunflower heart feeder that I began on day 243.

This is the view out of the side window of our living room, which is right next to where I tend to sit. I can spend ages just watching the greenfinches. They dominate the sunflower heart feeder rarely letting anything else in to feed. Every once in a while a sparrow demands a turn.

The greenfinches also squabble among themselves. I watched one hang upside down from the bar above and drop onto a feeding perch, knocking another one off.

The blackbirds and robins hop around on the fence below, picking up any dropped seeds.

The picture is on A5 paper and was drawn using fine-line pens. Rather than using watercolour paint to colour it, I thought I’d try out some ink pencil crayons that my sister gave me several years ago (that I’ve never before used). All you have to do is add a little water with a brush and the crayon becomes liquid ink with a watercolour like effect. I’m not entirely happy with the finished product, but I’ve learnt a few lessons in the process.

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