Midnight Birdsong

Blackbird serenades Serene glow of pregnant Moon Long night stretches on In the early hours of Christmas Day, just as I was settling down to sleep, I was drawn to my window by the sound of a blackbird singing. The light of the full moon made the sky strangely bright for 1:30 AM and was... Continue Reading →


Among the Toadstools

Among the Toadstools Can you hear the lilting strains of the music of the universe drifting from within the fey circle? Let the melody captivate your senses and dance, carried on waves of pure enchantment footsteps flying in an intricate design, as you soar along the spiral of existence, celebrating life and death and every... Continue Reading →

Fisherman’s Blues

Fisherman’s Blues Away from everyday concerns, from civilisation’s stress filled existence, gaze out over sun caressed waters, and let the current erode all cares. Today's picture is a painting (acrylic on canvas, 20"x 20") which I painted for my brother's Christmas present. He has always loved fishing and can spend hours on end down by... Continue Reading →

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