Midnight Birdsong

Midnight Birdsong picture

Blackbird serenades
Serene glow of pregnant Moon
Long night stretches on

In the early hours of Christmas Day, just as I was settling down to sleep, I was drawn to my window by the sound of a blackbird singing. The light of the full moon made the sky strangely bright for 1:30 AM and was presumably fooling the creature into thinking it was dawn. It was a magical experience. Before I returned to bed the haiku was scribbled into my notepad.

Last night I found my pastels – which I haven’t used for several years – and sketched the picture to accompany it. I’m quite tempted to paint it on canvas as well.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. 🙂



Among the Toadstools

toadstool sketch

Among the Toadstools

Can you hear
the lilting strains of
the music of the
drifting from within
the fey circle?
Let the melody
captivate your senses
and dance,
carried on waves
of pure enchantment
footsteps flying
in an intricate design,
as you soar along
the spiral of existence,
celebrating life and death
and every phase

ink caps sketchtoadstool line sketch

As you might be able to tell, I’m on a bit of a toadstool theme at the moment. As well as the ink cap picture I’m editing for the one-four challenge, I’m also currently working on an Enchanted Forest story about the pixies and their toadstool homes. The sketches on today’s post are all preparatory for the illustrations for the story. You can expect lots more sketches, watercolours, etc, on my blog over the next few weeks. Not to mention the story  itself – maybe several different versions of it. I hadn’t originally planned to include a poem with today’s post, just the sketches, but the words came to me whilst drawing so I thought I’d write them out. I hope you like it.


Fisherman’s Blues

Fishermans Blues

Fisherman’s Blues

Away from
everyday concerns,
from civilisation’s
stress filled
gaze out over
sun caressed waters,
and let the
current erode all

Today’s picture is a painting (acrylic on canvas, 20″x 20″) which I painted for my brother’s Christmas present. He has always loved fishing and can spend hours on end down by the river. I couldn’t resist sharing it, and the little poem I wrote to accompany it, on here. Unfortunately I took the photographs of the painting rather hurriedly before wrapping it (I finished the painting on Christmas Eve!) and only found they weren’t quite in focus once I opened them in Photoshop today – and the picture is now at my brother’s house! I’ve touched up a few edges (mainly the figure), so hopefully it looks all right. I’m hoping to get a better photograph of when I visit my brother next week.

Merry Christmas.

Scenes from the Enchanted Forest

Here are a few pictures I’ve painted for my children’s storytelling and role play business. Each of these also have children’s stories to go with them, which I’m hoping to share on here soon (when I’ve typed them up!).  I’d love to know what people think.

watermarked unicorns

The Unicorn Glade (20″ x 13″)

The Unicorn Glade (7" x 5")

The Unicorn Glade (7″ x 5″)

dragon watermarked

The Dragon’s Cave (7″ x 5″)

Pixie Party watermarked

The Pixie Part (7″ x 5″)