Dragonfly Kisses

I spent most of my time in the meadow on day 66 of 365 Days Wild hoping to photograph a dragonfly sunning its wings. At one point I could see seven of them flitting about on the wing, but none would settle where I could snap a picture.

Eventually the sun decided to come out from behind the blanket of clouds so I sat on a path, closed my eyes, and enjoyed the sensation of beautifully warm sun on my face.

There had been a horse fly constantly landing on me as I wandered, so when I felt something land on my face I thought it had returned. I brushed it away with my hand just as I opened my eyes… only to see a Southern Hawker dragonfly flying away.

I never did manage to photograph a dragonfly. I instead sketched out the beautiful moment in which I received some dragonfly kisses once I arrived home.

3 thoughts on “Dragonfly Kisses

  1. That’s beautiful. The thought of it. The drawing. The intimacy with nature!

    My daughter had a white tailed bee land on her toe yesterday, probably stopping off to collect a bit of salt!


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