Wordless Wednesday: Reflect


A Splash of Colour

amidst hues reminiscent of summer days and meadow flowers inspiration blooms Until last week the walls of our home were an unobtrusive off-white - as has tended to be the fashion in the UK for the past few decades. As you can probably tell from the pictures, this is no longer so. When my sister first [...]

A View Through the Arch

view through a dream's ambiguous clarity visions conjured from yesteryear's depths unchanging necessities amidst the hubbub I've had this picture sat in my media file for nearly a year, now, but have been unsure whether or not to actually share it. It was a very quick shot, snapped as I walked past the Newport Arch [...]

Monochrome Monday: Lord of the Goats

wild energies flow channelled through fertile form the lord of the goats leaps in triumph leading the herd along paths of uncertainty This week's Monochrome Monday is another ornament in the house I share with my sister. This one came with my sister. It was given the name 'Lord of the Goats' by my nephew. [...]

FFfAW: The Ways of the Paths

The Ways of the Paths Mira ran, placing each foot with care. Angry shouts sounded behind her. She gritted her teeth and forced her legs to move faster. The consequences, should they catch her, didn't bear consideration. She didn't look back. After all, she was of the Bakiai, and the Bakiai always looked forward. That [...]