Of Apple Blossom and Spring Flowers

On day 330 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out around the lanes and into the meadow to see what signs of the changing seasons I could find on the grass verges and in the hedgerows.

The main thing that caught my eye was the crab apple blossom that is now flowering in the hedgerow and along the fenceline of the meadow. Hopefully there will be lots of little apples for the wildlife to enjoy in the autumn.

As I walked along the lane I also spotted the first of the Garlic Mustard…

and the first of the Cow Parsley, both coming into bloom on the grass verge beside the lane.

My final sighting was a beautiful Peacock butterfly that settled on the verge a little way ahead of me as I walked home. It flew off before I could get close enough for a particularly good photo, but I did manage to get one shot of it, at least.

What signs of the changing seasons have you spotted while out and about? Let me know in the comments below.

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