Sweet Sansevieria

On day 331 of 365 Days Wild I noticed that the old Sansevieria plant that sits on our front windowsill is in flower.

This plant is older than I am. It was the first plant that my parents bought for their first house together when they got married, over 50 years ago. It has been divided and repotted a great many times over the years since then.

The common names of the plant include Mother in Laws Tongue, and Snake Plant, but my dad has always had a tendency to use the Latin names. This is a habit that he picked up from his father, who was a botanist. Personally, I like all the common names. They tend to be much more evocative!

I’ve heard many people express shock that Sansevieria plants actually flower, mainly because their own have never done so. This one flowers every year. It has been pot bound for a very long time. The flowers only last for a few days at most but, whilst they last, their delicate blooms release a beautifully sweet scent that fills the whole house.

Do you have any house plants? Let me know in the comments below.