Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

This post is for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week’s prompt is weightless.

thistledown small

Tumbling thistledown
Catch a fairy, make a wish
Dreams take soaring flight

When I was a child I was told  that each floating thistledown was actually a fairy in disguise. I’m not sure exactly who told me this – I have several relatives who told magical stories so it could have been one of several people! I had to carefully catch one, taking care not to cause it any harm, and whisper a wish to it before blowing it back to the wind.

Even now when I see the silky fronds of thistledown drifting past, my tendency is to reach out a hand.

You’re never too old to cast your dreams to the wind.


23 Comments on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Weightless

    • Thanks, Jessie. Catching ‘fairies’ was always a favourite thing to do as a child. 🙂 I’m glad it brings back good memories for you, too.


  1. I had a grandmother tell me that the snowflakes were the soap-flakes of the angels.
    Remember this is when (over fifty years ago) they still used fluffy soap powder 🙂


    • That’s a beautiful story to be told. 🙂 Little tales like that have always fascinated me. Another one we had was that lightning was the fairies dancing and thunder the sound of the giants’ applauding them – that one was always a favourite! Thanks for visiting.

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      • Ah, ours for thunder and lightening was the angels bowling 🙂 Thunder the ball down the alley, Lightning was getting the strikes.

        I’m sure somewhere I’ve written about those soap flakes 😉

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      • As a little girl, I had a book of stories and fairy tales. I loved that book. I read it from cover to cover several times over. Magic certainly does need to be in every child’s life.

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  2. A beautiful story … look forward to sharing that with my son next fall. Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

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    • I’m glad you liked it, Dale. 🙂 I hope the story is as magical for your son as it has been for me.


  3. Beautiful photograph and I like the personal twist on this prompt… sweet memories…
    Best to you. Happy weekend. Aquileana 💫✨🌟


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