Friday Fictioneers: Grandma’s House

This is my entry into the Friday Fictioneers flash fiction challenge run by Rochelle Wisoff-Fields. This week’s picture prompt was provided by Ted Strutz. The challenge is to write a story within 100 words.

Copyright – Ted Strutz

 Grandma’s House

“You box up in here,” Emily said. “I’ll do the bedroom.”

Lizzie nodded numbly, looking at the furniture: the table, chair and ornaments, the old-fashioned lamp. It was strange without Grandma.

They spent the day sorting and boxing. That night Lizzie couldn’t sleep. Trying not to disturb Emily she moved in darkness to the living room.

Sudden light flared. Grandma’s lamp glowed brightly.

Lizzie froze, squinting. Shocked. Another step and she’d have tripped and cracked her head on the fire place.


As Emily flicked on the main lights the glow of grandma’s lamp faded.

It wasn’t even plugged in.

Word Count: 100

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43 thoughts on “Friday Fictioneers: Grandma’s House

    1. Thank you! I’d wanted to write a ‘happy story today. Somehow, I don’t think I quite managed it… At least it’s not quite as dark as some that I’ve done recently!


  1. …for some reason I had thoughts about the energy savings potential of grandparents visiting from beyond the grave. Hm.

    Nice take on the prompt, I enjoyed it.

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I was determined to take this story in a more positive direction – my stories have been growing increasingly dark in recent weeks!


  2. I read again a few times. I liked the atmosphere you set… I think the ‘nodding numbly’ did it. Grandma was watching out. I really like your story.

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  3. Dear Louise? I love this story, Grandma is still looking after her granddaughter! Marvelous, touching, and a sweet ghost story! Just wonderful! When my mother died, 25 years ago, I was going through her closet and crying so hard that I could hardly stand up and then I felt (I am not saying this lightly) a presence of a touch on my cheek and I knew it was my mother. When Daddy died, 8 years earlier, I knew he had died before finding out. Odd, but no one could convince me that I didn’t experience either of these – including another one that happened before Daddy died. Good story! Nan 🙂

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    1. Thank you. 🙂 I’ve had a number of ‘strange’ encounters myself. I believe that there is far more to life and death than the sceptics would have you believe. I’m glad my little story touched you.
      Louise 🙂


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