Of Cloudy Skies and Wheat Fields

On day 348 of 365 Days Wild it was dull and cloudy out and about on the lanes. I took very few pictures, just simply enjoyed being out and listening to birds singing in the hedgerows.

The field of young wheat opposite the meadow, however, caught my eye. I loved the sense of texture and movement created by the paler tips, and the light and shade of the thin light.

Have you been out and about recently?

One thought on “Of Cloudy Skies and Wheat Fields

  1. How very lovely!! ^_^
    I have been out and about, quite a bit more than usual lately. xD My dog’s been asking to go for walks twice a day – something he used to never want to do, and so we’ve been out early morning and early evening on a walk around the neighborhood. There’s a few birds to watch – some doves & mockingbirds, but not much nature in particular, (though this morning I saw flocks of seagulls and an egret!) In the afternoon, we spend some time in the backyard – we have false dandelions that bloom all day, and evening primrose which blooms morning & evening. It’s a very pretty schedule. ^_^


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