October Meadow

frost retreats in wreathing mists

as autumnal rays cascade

over twisting paths,

telling Winter

‘it is not yet your time:

sunlight still holds sway,’

but soon…

soon those darker days will arrive

bringing long nights of

crystalline clarity

when dreams marinate,

encased in Earth’s protective womb,

awaiting the burgeoning warmth

of Spring,

but for now…

now is the time of descent,

when the seeds of

future endeavours lie corpse-like,

coccooned in spidersilk

amongst tangled mycellium,

and the voices of the

ancestors whisper secrets

for those who are willing to listen

An October morning in the meadow – a time of frost, mist and spiderwebs. It was, quite simply, beautiful.


Toadstool Hunting

in amongst the leaf litter
all over the woodland floor
are lots of little pixie homes
all waiting with open doors

Equinox Blessings

the tribe gathers to the

sound of beating drums

wild energy rising higher as

equinox blessings dance

upon twilight air currents

and restless hearts balance

upon the turning wheel

standing poised in readiness

as they await the approaching

darkness and the secrets

held within the ancient tales of

the crone heard whispered

whilst wreathed in woodsmoke


I spent last weekend at Equinox Festival, a hippy festival situated in the hollowed out hill of a former quarry at Chalk Farm in the Lincolnshire Wolds, that takes place every year on the nearest weekend to the Autumn Equinox. This was my second time at Equinox, though I also attended several times at the old site near Tattershall, back when it was still called Alchemy. It tends to be one of the highlights of my year. There’s a wonderful sense of community, with the same groups of people visiting year after year. It doesn’t matter what you look like or what walk of life you come from. All that matters is that you embrace the laid back atmosphere and focus on having fun. They call it ‘the gathering of the tribe’, and it definitely feels like that.

Here are a few more pictures from the weekend:




curl bare toes in

damp grass


open mind


awaken senses to

petrichorous breezes


open heart


stride forwards in

defiance of rainclouds


open soul

Spirits of Nature

if you sit in silence

as breezes sway flowers

they will come to you


if you calm your mind

to a stream’s soothing flow

they will come to you


if you ground yourself

amongst labyrinths of roots

they will come to you


if you raise your face

for sunlight’s warm caress

they will come to you


the spirits of nature

are simply waiting for

you to come to them


unlimited possibilities held


a question unanswered

balanced on the threshold


past and future

life and death

love and hate

as potential joy and

unresisting passivity await

the swinging of a gate

The Spirit of the Fox

beware the creeping fox

wily foe

ready to pounce


embrace the cautious fox

cunning ally

swift to adapt


follow the persistent fox

wise mentor

advising patience

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