Poppy Dreams

sleep in restful meadows
where the poppies sway
heart and mind and soul
cocooned in dreams that
soothe grief’s jagged edges
as the woven breadth of
the universe is revealed in
shining vision of lifelines
intertwined in silent songs
of eternal remembrance




amidst the blooms as

vibrant sunlight streams on through

illuminating dull endeavours

into joy


Take a seat, there, upon the path, beside the Granny’s Bonnets. There’s a buzzing, sound coming from amidst the sunlit flowers. There’s a bee – you know there is, even if it remains hidden from sight. You strain your eyes to spot it, to see it dart from bloom to bloom.

The damn thing has got to be in there somewhere!


You just need to have patience. Calm you breath; calm your mind; calm your spirit. You’ll catch a glimpse. In time.

For now, just exist in the moment. And the bee will do the same.


Meadow Song

Stop and take a seat beside the sun dappled path, and watch as the flowers sway in the warm spring breeze. See, as they dance to the meadow’s unique melody.

Listen carefully. Can you hear it?

Birds trill their songs from the trees in joyous counterpoint to the buzzing of the bees and the insects that flit amongst the fragrant blooms. The delicate susurrus of a butterfly’s wings as it settles to sip nectar offers a delicate theme, whilst the distant scuffle of a startled rabbit plays out alongside the chitter of a squirrel as it scuttles by overhead. A pheasant croaks in percussive accompaniment.


Just listen. And nature’s symphony will lift your spirit in exuberant concert.

So stop and take a seat beside the sun dappled path, and watch the flowers as they sway in the warm spring breeze.


I’m still staying at my parents’ house, which means, of course, that I’m still spending as much time as I can in the village meadow. It’s nice not to have to drive through from Lincoln whenever I want to visit. My DSLR camera, which is too heavy for me to comfortably use while suffering with back pain, continues to remain in its case while my phone camera (Samsung J3) is getting lots of use.

Here are some of the pictures that I took during yesterday’s meadowbathing session:


Follow the Path

follow the


connect with the


free your


I might not have posted much recently, but I have been out and about taking photos – as much as I’ve been able too, at least, while dealing with unpleasant back pain and sciatica. Rather than using my DSLR camera, though, I’ve mainly been using my phone (Samsung J3) and posting to my Instagram account (@hedgewitchymusings). The top picture here is my first shot to ever get past 100 likes!

Despite how difficult I’ve been finding it to walk, last week I ventured out for a hobble around the meadow. As you might be able to tell from the second picture, I spent most of my time there barefoot. Just being out in nature is always enough to raise my spirits, no matter how down I might be feeling. This outing was no different. And, curiously, my right foot, which has been numb for most of the past month, became very tingly when in contact with the earth. I’ve always believed in the healing power of nature. My time wandering amongst the dandelions in the meadow reaffirmed my beliefs.

Here are a few other pictures from the morning:




blithe merriment glimmers on sunrays,

teasing the land to awaken,

 a youthful maiden dancing in

innocent exuberance,

with fresh blossoms scattered at her feet

frosty primrose2

I’ve not managed to get out and about as much as I’d have liked to during February, having spent most of the month down with the flu. This last week, though, I’ve finally started to feel somewhat better, so, with the weather being too gorgeous to remain inside, I managed to take my camera out on a couple of walks.

The first was a sunset walk out along the Lincolnshire Ridge:

The second was a dawn outing to the South Scarle meadow, woodland and stream:

Hopefully I’ll manage to get out a little more often during March.



walk along snow-dusted
fence lines,
lit by the fading light
and find peace amidst
the shadows, in the
embrace of the Winter’s chill
for now is the time of
dreaming, as
night begins its descent
and now is the time
for planning, as we await the
renewals of Spring
so walk along
snow-dusted fence lines,
lit by the fading light
and find peace amidst
the shadows, embracing
the Winter’s chill

snset view2

Unlike most of the UK, we’ve not had much snow this January – only a light sprinkling last week. I had to get out onto the Viking Way to catch the views out over the Lincolnshire countryside with the little that we did get, though.


For anyone who might be curious, the vapour trails in this final shot are the Red Arrows out practicing. They’re quite a common sight, though rarely close enough to catch on camera.

vapour trails


venture out

beyond ploughed fields

to rugged heathland




watch the day’s stresses

dissolve into evening’s

kaleidoscopic light




let nature’s balm

soothe the aching of a

fettered soul




explore paths

borne of myriad


I might not have been on my blog much recently, but I have still been getting out and about, exploring the countryside around our new village and taking lots of photographs. We’re lucky enough to have the route of a national footpath – the Viking Way – run through the village. I try to get out onto it as much as I can.

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