The Buzzing of the Bees

On day 290 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time watching and attempting to photograph the bees.

I spotted my first bee of the year a few weeks ago but, until now, I’d not actually managed to photograph any. Each time I got close enough to snap a picture, the bee would fly away. I’ve also heard a lot of bees that I’ve not been able to spot the whereabouts of. I’d hear the buzz, but by the time I pinpointed the direction the sound came from, the bee would have disappeared inside a flower. This time, however, I was fortunate enough to spot two bees that remained still long enough for me to take a few pics. They’re not the clearest pictures but, as the first of the year, I’m happy enough with them.

The first bee was in the garden, on one of the hellebores.

The second bee I spotted on the Red Dead-nettles on the grass verge a short distance down the lane from our house.

Have you seen any bees recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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