A March Morning

On day 294 of 365 Days Wild I ventured out for an early morning walk.

I woke shortly after dawn. The weather forecast had predicted cloudy skies but the sun was shining through the cherry blossom in the garden opposite our house. I wasn’t about to stay lounging around inside when it was such a beautiful morning outside. I quickly made my way around to the meadow, which is always my favourite place to be.

Dew-drops were scattered over the grass like sparkling gems.

I spent some time by the pond, where the daffodils are all starting to bloom.

There are a few red deadnettles now to be found in the meadow. Whilst I’ve spotted lots of these elsewhere in the village, I’ve never before seen them in the meadow itself. They’re a very welcome newcomer.

A lone speedwell flower hiding in the grass is also a welcome newcomer.

Before I left the meadow I also spent some time with the little clump of primroses. I love the way their pale petals glow in the morning light, especially with the dewdrops decorating their surface.

Have you been out for an early morning walk recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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