On the Grass Verge

On day 293 of 365 Days Wild I walked along my favourite lane and admired the wildflowers, bees and insects to be seen on the grassy verges along the way.

The main flowers currently dominating the verge are red deadnettles and celandines, as well as a patch of violets on the bank at the top of the lane.

These all seem to be particularly popular with the bees.

The larger, brighter flowers are also interspersed with speedwell, tiny white chickweed flowers and also a few spikes of bittercress:

The first of the dandelions are starting to bloom. It won’t be long before they dominate they whole view. The first of the white deadnettles are also starting to appear.

There are a lot of 7-spot ladybirds along the verge. The rising Spring temperatures seem to be making them amorous.

I also spotted a couple of pied shield bugs amongst the ladybirds.

And an early wasp sitting calmly on a leaf.

Have you been out for any nature walks recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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