Spirit of the Sparrowhawk

with objective in sight,

positive energies aimed,

the warrior within is ready

waiting to be unleashed

On day 238 of 365 Days Wild I found a pair of what I think are sparrowhawk feathers down by the pond.

We spot sparrowhawk’s around here quite often – usually when they’re raiding the local sparrow hedges. I’ve never before found any of their feathers, though.

As always, I like to view feathers as spirit messages, and to look at what sort of message might be given by the bird in question. The sparrowhawk is sometimes symbolically linked with the inner spirit of the warrior. They’re a small yet fierce bird of prey, with unexpected inner strength and as such they remind us that we’re stronger than we realise. In ancient Egypt, the bird of prey was a sun symbol, and they were protected by the pharoah with the threat of death for those who killed or harmed them. They’re seen as a bird of good fortune and a bringer of glory.

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