Cee’s Which Way: Stairways and Sunbeams

steps with sunburst.jpg

If you listen carefully, you might hear them on the steps, their laughter echoing in the summer air.  They climb ever higher, curiosity drawing them onwards. Look. There. Can you see them – twisting in the sunbeams?

This post is for Cee’s Which Way Challenge. I’ve really missed this challenge – paths, staircases and signposts are some of my favourite things to photograph. This picture was taken at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

I hope you like it.



23 thoughts on “Cee’s Which Way: Stairways and Sunbeams

  1. I see some pink fairies, some lavender ones, some radiant sunshine and some green ones..
    Each with their own matching magic dust..

    The pink will heal all ills,
    The lavender draws true love,
    The sunshine brings wealth..

    But watch out for those green fairies, that green dust turns you into a toad 😞 warts and all..

    Thanks for the inspiring photo !

    🐸 ribbit..


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