Cee’s Which Way: Stairways and Sunbeams

If you listen carefully, you might hear them on the steps, their laughter echoing in the summer air.  They climb ever higher, curiosity drawing them onwards. Look. There. Can you see them - twisting in the sunbeams? This post is for Cee's Which Way Challenge. I've really missed this challenge - paths, staircases and signposts are some of my... Continue Reading →


Six Word Story: Insult

This post is for the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller's Six Word Story Challenge. This week's theme is insult. Thick skinned? He'd had to be. I didn't really know what picture I was going to use to illustrate this six word story until I went hunting around on Pixabay. Then I entered the search term 'thick skinned' and elephant pictures appeared. Perfect! One of... Continue Reading →

TLT: The Eternal Library

This post is for Sonya's Three Line Tale Challenge, that asks us to write three lines in response to the photo prompt. She wandered in a dream-like haze, unaware of time's passage. The sights and scents of paper and ink filled her senses. Occasionally a text would beckon and she'd digest every word before moving on. If this was eternity, she was... Continue Reading →

Picture it & Write: Between Levels

This is my entry into the Picture it and Write creative writing challenge hosted by the authors of Ermiliablog. Between Levels Genre: Futuristic “You don’t belong here.” Lyla gave an undignified squawk as the gravelly voice sounded from the darkness ahead. She’d not considered the possibility of encountering people during her excursion. “I can go wherever I... Continue Reading →

MFtS: The Medium

Here's this week's entry into Monday's Finish the Story flash fiction challenge, run by Barbara W. Beacham. This challenge gives you a picture prompt and the first line and asks that you finish the story in 100-150 words. The given line is in italics. The Medium The only residents remaining in the small town of... Continue Reading →

Picture it & Write: Childhoods’ Playground

This is my entry into the Picture it and Write creative writing challenge hosted by the authors of Ermiliablog. Childhoods' Playground Tammy was really excited about showing her friends the house. She’d found it when exploring the village. She knew Mummy said she shouldn’t ever go past the big wall but the crumbling stones and low hanging... Continue Reading →

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