Cee’s Which Way: Stairways and Sunbeams

steps with sunburst.jpg

If you listen carefully, you might hear them on the steps, their laughter echoing in the summer air.  They climb ever higher, curiosity drawing them onwards. Look. There. Can you see them – twisting in the sunbeams?

This post is for Cee’s Which Way Challenge. I’ve really missed this challenge – paths, staircases and signposts are some of my favourite things to photograph. This picture was taken at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

I hope you like it.



Six Word Story: Insult

This post is for the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge. This week’s theme is insult.


Image from Pixabay

Thick skinned? He’d had to be.

I didn’t really know what picture I was going to use to illustrate this six word story until I went hunting around on Pixabay. Then I entered the search term ‘thick skinned’ and elephant pictures appeared.


One of my favoured Disney films as a child was always Dumbo. The beginning, when he was being picked on and insulted because of his big ears always made me cry.

Six Word Story: Luck

This post is for The Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge. This week’s theme is luck.

penny 2

Copper circle glints: fortune’s promise claimed.

I have to admit that I was a little stumped at first when it came to this week’s prompt. I had a number of different ideas but nothing that really leapt out at me. Then I visited the blog of the lovely Sabina Ayne and discovered that today is National Lucky Penny Day. This immediately brought one of my favourite traditional rhymes to mind:

See a penny,
Pick it up,
All day long you’ll have good luck.

See a penny,
Let it be,
Then bad luck will come to thee.

See a penny,
Pass it on,
Then your luck will never end.

 I noticed when googling the rhyme that everyone seems to have a slightly different version of it. I’d love to know which version you know.

Six Word Story: Horror

This post is for the Sometimes Stellar Storyteller’s Six Word Story Challenge. This week’s theme is horror. I tried out several different approaches to this one but then couldn’t decide which to actually use so I decided to include three different ones! I hope you like them.


Empty swing creaks: a mother weeps.


Screams echo as darkness slowly creeps.


Hand clutches the blood-soaked knife.

As I can’t post all three of the six word stories on the challenge page I would love it if you could let me know which one you like best in the comments below. The one that receives the most votes will be posted on The Sometime’s Stellar Storyteller’s page . 🙂

TLT: The Eternal Library

This post is for Sonya’s Three Line Tale Challenge, that asks us to write three lines in response to the photo prompt.


Photo prompt – © Ben Noble

She wandered in a dream-like haze, unaware of time’s passage. The sights and scents of paper and ink filled her senses. Occasionally a text would beckon and she’d digest every word before moving on. If this was eternity, she was happy to remain.

Six Word Story – Return

I was very happy to see that the Six Word Story challenge, run by Ben at A Hopelessly Wandering Mind, had made a return. I find the challenge of writing a story in only six words very enjoyable. Aptly, this week’s theme is return. The image I’ve included is from Pixabay.


Image from Pixabay

Young eyes open; old soul sees.

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This is my 300th post! Yay!

Some of you may have noticed that a ‘Follow Me On Twitter’ widget has appeared in my sidebar. Yes, I’ve finally decided to actually use the twitter account that I created about 5 years ago! If anyone else uses twitter, I’d love to meet up with you over there. 🙂

Picture it Write: Darkest Chains

This is my entry into the Picture it and Write creative writing challenge hosted by the authors of Ermiliablog.

Photo Prompt

Photo Prompt

Darkest Chains

“Don’t dawdle, girl.”

Lady Aehtia swept into the citadel with barely a glance at the guards standing sentinel, her presence unquestioned. Lytle hurried in her wake. No matter how much she wished to give warning about the monster in their midst, dawdling was not an option.

The ties binding her might be invisible but she felt their presence from the moment she was awakened until she was finally permitted to sleep. Her every action was controlled by the tangled network of coercions and compulsions upon her. She ate, drank and relieved herself only when ordered, her voice forced into silence and her long days filled with whichever tasks Lady Aehtia deemed necessary.

Only her thoughts remained free and they were mired in darkness.

Memories of better times merely heightened the misery of her current existence: her parents’ love, her sweetheart’s caress, laughter, pleasure and happiness – all seemed like a distant dream. Choice was an alien concept. Her mistress’s enchantments made sure of that.

As she followed Lady Aehtia into her chambers, Lytle couldn’t help but imagine the joy she’d feel driving a dagger into the other woman’s back. It was a futile fantasy but one she returned to often. It wouldn’t even be the first blood to stain her hands.

“Tonight you’ll wear the green dress,” her mistress ordered. “Lord Dryhten has a fondness for red-heads. You’ll seduce him.” Her smile was chilling as she looked at her puppet. “And then you’ll kill him.”

Lytle had no option but to obey

Word Count: 250pictureitandwrite2copy-1