Weekly Word: Kindred

It’s that time of week again where I share a word that I find interesting.

This week’s Weekly Word is: kindred

Part of Speech

Both noun and adjective



Related Words

  • kinship (noun)
  • kindredless (adjective)
  • kindredness (noun)
  • kindredship (noun)


noun: a group of related individuals; one’s family and relations

adjective: similar in nature or character; related through ancestry

Word Origin

Originates in Middle English as kynrede – from Old English, cynrǣdencynn meaning ‘progeny’ + rǣden  meaning ‘condition / stipulation’. The modern -d- in the spelling came to be added through the phonetic development of the word. Its first use as a noun was in the 12th century. Its first use as an adjective was in the 14th century, rising out of its use as a noun.


noun blood, clan, connections, family, family members, folks, relatives, house, kin, kinfolk, kinsmen / kinswomen, kith and kin, line, lineage, one’s own flesh and blood, people, race, stock, tribe

adjective affiliated, akin, allied, alike, analogous, cognate, connected, comparable, corresponding, interconnected, like, related, similar, parallel


unrelated, unconnected,

Use the Word

Photo by Ketut Subiyanto on Pexels.com

“We are kindred,” his grandfather had told him, his hands a heavy weight on his shoulders. “We are bound together by blood and history. Nothing is more important than family.”

Jonathan had nodded. For years he’d followed the old man’s instructions, no matter how sick they made him feel. Nothing was more important than family.

“We are kindred,” she whispered to him, as they lay side by side. “We are souls bound together by fate and chance and everything in between.” Her fingers rested gently upon his wrist. “We can choose our own family, fill it with like minded people. You can choose your own family.”

“We are kindred, ” Johnathan whispered in reply, his hand resting protectively over her belly.

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