Pixie Celebrations

The lights were strung in readiness. Decorations had been hung in wild profusion amidst the meadow plants, and excitement was building – especially amongst the younger pixies of the Pink Yarrow Clan. It had been years since there had last been a celebration of such magnitude. The Lady of the Bedstraw had arrived, bedecked in shining jewels, and a union between their clans was sure to follow.

For day 39 of 365 Days Wild I ventured down to the meadow.

It was so damp and miserable looking that I very nearly didn’t bother leaving the house. As always, I was very glad that I did. Whilst it didn’t actually stop raining all day, it never became an overly heavy downpour. It remained merely a fine mistle of moisture that hung in the air and also gathered on the plants in beautiful gem-like droplets. It would only have been better with a little sunlight to make them shine…

The pink Yarrow looked particularly lovely, with the droplets magnifying it’s tiny flowers.

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