Bringing the Outside, Inside

Sweet peas are such a delicately beautiful plant. We used to grow them every year but have had a few summers without them now. This year we thought we’d sow some again.

They add a lovely burst of colour and scent to any garden. We’ve positioned ours right in front of the compost heap, and they do a wonderful job of masking what can be both an unpleasant sight and an unpleasant smell. They grow so profusely that they’re perfect as cut flowers for vases inside the house.


For day 38 of 365 Days Wild I snipped a handful of the sweet peas from the garden in order to fill the odd little vase that sits on my bedroom window sill. This left a nice amount still flowering in the garden, and I’m sure there will be even more soon.

Now I can enjoy both their beauty and their scent whilst inside as well as outside the house.


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