Wordless Wednesday: Sea View

House by the Sea.jpg

Every Wednesday all across the internet bloggers post a photograph with no words to explain it. Here is mine.


CB&W: Sunlit Leaves

Sunlit leaves b and w

They hide amongst the sunlit leaves, with only hints of movement to betray their presence. If you watch carefully you might see a darting shape, there and gone in the blink of an eye. But listen. You can hear them: the swish of fluttering wings; the pattering of tiny footsteps on branches. And there – the tinkling of laughter as they peek down at you in curious amusement.



This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. The theme is still trees.

CWW: Ancient Paths


Meandering path,

following a

well trodden route.

To whose doorway

do you lead?


This post is for Cee’s Which Way Challenge. This week’s pictures were taken at the Chysauster Ancient Village in Cornwall (England), the remains of an Iron Age settlement thought to have first been occupied nearly 2,000 years ago, during the Roman occupation of Britain. The village contains eight to ten houses, each with an interior courtyard surrounded by a number of rooms built into the walls. Best of all – and why I can use the pictures for this post – you can even see the stone paths leading up to many of the doorways that the ancient inhabitants would have walked upon.


I hope you like them.

CB&W: Trees


They huddle beneath the sheltering branches, hidden from view by tangled growth. Soon they’ll have to move – their pursuers won’t have given up so easily – but for now they sleep in restless slumber, recovering their strength for the struggle ahead. Their dreams are haunted by dark figures who laugh as blood cascades over a barren landscape.

The spirit of the oak tree cradles them close, concealing their presence from any who might continue to search. Each anxious whimper is hushed by the whisper of wind through leaves; each fear is soothed as the oak’s indomitable strength, drawn from the depths of the earth, pours through them.

They’ll awaken refreshed and renewed, their hearts filled with all the courage and determination they’ll need to complete their quest.

Their benefactor’s role will pass unnoticed.

This post is for Cee’s Black and White Challenge. This week’s theme is trees.


Cee’s Which Way: Stairways and Sunbeams

steps with sunburst.jpg

If you listen carefully, you might hear them on the steps, their laughter echoing in the summer air.  They climb ever higher, curiosity drawing them onwards. Look. There. Can you see them – twisting in the sunbeams?

This post is for Cee’s Which Way Challenge. I’ve really missed this challenge – paths, staircases and signposts are some of my favourite things to photograph. This picture was taken at St Michael’s Mount in Cornwall.

I hope you like it.


Macro Moments Week Seven: Sunburst

Droplet on Corn Marigold

sunburst bathed in rain

dispelling night’s toxic fears

newborn day washed clean

This post is for the Macro Moments challenge run by Susan over at the blog Musin’ With Susan. This is the first time I’ve joined in with this challenge, but seeing as I take a lot of macro photographs I thought it was about time I did so!

The flower is a corn marigold that I photographed on a July morning at the meadow. I took the picture on my Canon EOS 1100D, 18-55mm lens: ISO 640, f/8, 1/100 sec, handheld.

Changing Seasons 2016: April


I know this is very late but I was determined to get it out anyway! As some of you may know, I spent April joining in with CampNanoWriMo. Nearly all of my free time was spent working on my novel which is why this wasn’t posted then. My favourite writing spot, however, (when it wasn’t raining) was down at the wildflower meadow, beside the wooded area and the stream – the very place I’ve been photographing for Cardinal Guzman’s monthly Changing Seasons Challenge. Most times when I was down there I’d work on a scene for a while and then stretch my legs and take a few photographs. Over the month I took a lot of pictures. Unfortunately I then had to sort through these once CampNano was over which was not an easy job!


I hope you all like the shots I’ve chosen to share. I’ll apologise now that there are a few more than the twenty we’re asked to include in our galleries. I didn’t really want to cut anything out. I’d already knocked it down from far more!

The most notable feature during April were the bluebells that carpeted a large swathe of the wooded area.  If you looked carefully you could also spot a handful of whitebells scattered among them:

The trees became increasingly green as the month progressed, new growth continuing to unfurl:

There were many lovely views down by the stream and within the trees.

Whilst a few of March’s daffodils still remained the main yellow flowers to be seen were the celandines. These have been in bloom on the roadside verges for months but only in April did they begin to flower beneath the shelter of the trees:

Last month the wildflower meadow also finally began to come into its own after a winter as merely an expanse of plain grass. Dandelions, daisys, speedwells and forget-me-nots began to decorate the area while the hawthorn bushes in the surrounding hedgerows began to blossom.

In among the grass, insects could be seen scurrying. Bees bustled between flowers in search of nectar. I spent quite some time kneeling on damp grass trying to get some good shots if them! There are several benches and areas of seating around the meadow and these became some of my favourite places to sit with my notepad during the month:

I hope you’ve all enjoyed your virtual visit to my favourite place. I’d love to know if anyone has a favourite shot.

Hopefully the gallery for May won’t be quite so late…

If you’d like to compare with previous months galleries then click below:




Cee’s Oddball Challenge: Soaring

This post is for Cee’s Oddball Challenge, a photography challenge that asks for you to share pictures that don’t seem to fit any particular category. I’ve been looking at these shots for a while now, trying to decide what I could use them with – oddball seems appropriate.

Fire small

Flames dancing skywards

Challenging encroaching night

Bright dreams soaring free

Squggly flames