One-Four Challenge: July Week Four

It’s time for the final week of Robyn’s One-Four Challenge for July.

This week’s image was not an easy one to produce – I had absolutely no idea what to do with it! At one point I had several different versions on the go, none of which I was happy with. In the end I decided I wanted to make it very different to the monochromes of the last two weeks and settled on a bright and cheerful painterly effect.

week 4.6_FotoSketcher
Week Four Edit

To create this I opened the week one image in Camera Raw, where I reduced blacks, shadows, highlights and whites. This left it looking bright without the whites being overpowering. I also increased the clarity. After playing around with lots of different artistic filters and texture layers in Photoshop I decided I couldn’t quite create enough of a painterly effect there and I abandoned it for FotoSketcher. There I ran it through the watercolour filter and added a canvas texture layer. I had also tried it out with several of the previous Photoshop edits still in place but I liked it best from just the Camera Raw base. To finish off I returned the image to Photoshop where I touched up a few areas where a little too much detail had been lost – in particular the edge of the boat which had become indistinguishable from the water!

As it’s week four it time to include a poll. Please let me know which edit you liked best.

Here are all the images together for comparison:



29 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: July Week Four

    1. I’m very quickly growing to love FotoSketcher – even if it does take forever to redraw the picture! Thanks for visiting. 🙂


  1. It seems my photography had been getting as dark as my writing lately! I enjoy creating the darker stuff but sometimes I do feel the need for something a bit more cheerful. 🙂 I’m actually quite tempted to try painting something based on this week’s edit – my fingers have been itching to pick up the paintbrushes recently! Thanks for visiting.

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  2. Yes, it is so cheery this week. I do like it. The colors really work well. But, my overall favorite is last week’s although dark, it has quite a story to tell. I am always drawn to that! Lovely month of edits, Louise! Nice work.

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  3. I always seem to have a problem with fotosketcher. It always seems to fall short of my expectations. But here, the texture works really well. I was going to go with week 3 and, if this had been any less appealing, I still would have.


  4. Hi Louise, I really understand about having a few versions on the go… I do like your final week 4 result with its freshness, painterly feel and colour.
    Week 3 would be my fave for this month. It’s been a good one and I’ve enjoyed your subject and editions 😃😃


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