One-Four Challenge: May Week Four – The Lock

Here’s my May, week four edit for Robyn’s One-Four Challenge.

lock week 455
Week four edit

I spent most of this week playing around with an idea for this edit that I just could not get to work! I wanted to add a bright light coming through the crack in the door. Unfortunately I eventually had to abandon it as beyond my current skill set. I just couldn’t get the shadows and highlights in the correct places. Ah well. Maybe I can try something similar in a month or two…

After giving up on that idea I started thinking about the artistic filters. After trying out several dozen different combinations I eventually landed on this.

I began by creating a duplicate layer that I ran through the rough pastel filter, with medium stroke length and low detail. I then created another background duplicate that I layered over the first with a low opacity, allowing the previous one to show through. This layer I ran through the pen and ink filter, with medium detail and a slight fill of rusty red. I then lowered the overall saturation by a few notches, completely decreased the contrast and increased the levels of the shadows. I finished off by cropping.

As it’s week four its time to include a poll. I’d love to know which edit people liked best.

Here are all of the edits together for comparison:



14 Comments on “One-Four Challenge: May Week Four – The Lock

  1. Taking pictures is much more fun than editing them. Filters can add a lot but too much patience needed at wrong times


    • Thank you! The actual filter was soft pastel but it definitely has a look of watercolour. I’m glad you like it. 🙂

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  2. Louise, please forgive me. I have yet to comment all month! I can’t believe it. All I can say is my time recently, is getting away from me. Especially with being a single parent for the past week, 2.5 more weeks to go!
    What a photo you chose, I can’t believe you got four strong edits out of this photograph, good on you! I chose week 3 as my favorite, I appreciate the crisp lettering and old feel of the photograph.

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    • That’s all right, Carrie. I’ve been somewhat lapse in my blog visits lately as well, and I don’t have any excuse other than getting distracted by other things (Daredevil on Netflix!). I’m glad you like the image and edits. Week three seems to be the general favourite. 🙂

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  3. I love that you tried to have the light coming through the door! Great creative vision Louise. Your week 4 result is still appealing and I’ve certainly enjoyed watching the processes and changes throughout the month.
    Gets harder to choose I think. I think weeks 3 and 4 grab my attention 🙂

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