One-Four Challenge: September Week One

After taking August off from Robyn’s One-Four Challenge I’m now back with a new image for September. The picture I’ve chosen to edit this month was taken a few years ago at Corfe Castle in Dorset, UK, and has languished in a folder since that time.  I’ve always dismissed it as being too dark but decided it would be a good one to edit.  After a few minutes of playing around with it I knew I’d made the right decision..

view through stones week 1.3

Most of the editing for this one was done in Camera Raw, with only the crop done in Photoshop Elements 13. These are the changes made in Raw:

Temperature +10
Tint -10
Exposure +0.25
Contrast +76
Highlights -60
Shadows +60
Whites +10
Blacks +33
Clarity +100
Vibrance +10
Luminance +10
Luminance detail +100

Here’s the original image for comparison:

view through stones original with watermark



16 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: September Week One

  1. Big difference and so much detail and texture in the rocks, great job. Personally I would crop some of the rock off the bottom, it has a lot of visual weight but doesnt really add much to the image, its all happening at the top 🙂

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    1. I’m glad you like it and thank you for the feedback. 🙂 I’d already been thinking that I’d like to try out a few different crops for this one so I’ll try that out.


  2. Great edits Louise and such a fabulous image.
    You really have brought out so much detail – what you would see yourself.
    Looking forward to your next steps 😀

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    1. The original had always been such a disappointment! I could hardly believe the difference a little playing around with it brought about. I’m very glad you like it. 🙂 Thanks for visiting.


  3. What a lovely edit you achieved. It highlights the details in the rocks so much better and gives it a very pleasing feel. Can’t wait to see your other edits in future weeks.

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  4. I think the exposure was pretty good to begin with, although as with all images needing a bit of a tweak. Your first edit is good, I am not too much a fan of the strong clarity, for me the rock in the foreground feels quite smudgy due to it. I am interested to see where the picture will take you in the coming weeks.

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  5. I like this image as it seems to present a wealth of possibilities. I agree that the original image was too dark and thus a bit “plain.” The edit brings out a lot of detail, perhaps even too much. I’ll be interested to see a black and white version.


    1. Sorry for my delay in replying – your comment landed in spam! I’m glad you like the image. It’s an interesting one to play around with. This week’s should be quite different to last week’s high detail. 🙂 I’m thinking I might try black and white for my third edit. I’ve just done a black and white post for Cee’s challenge and I don’t want to overload on it! Thanks for visiting,


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