One-Four Challenge: June Week Three

Here’s the third June edit for Robyn’s One-Four Challenge. The picture was taken last year in Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln, UK.

Boathouse and bridge week 3 dusk2
Week three edit

For this week’s edit I decided to give it the appearance of dusk. I’m not sure exactly what I did to reach this final stage – I added and removed so many layers I’m afraid I lost track. There were quite a few gradient maps and photo filters of various levels of opacity that I used to build up the effect I wanted, some with layer masks to restrict the filter to a certain area. I also deepened the shadows using the levels adjust while also reducing the brightness of the bridge.

Generally I’d say that this picture is a bit too dark for my personal taste (I really want to brighten it up) but it gives the image a slightly ominous edge that reflects exactly how I feel about places like this at night. I won’t walk there alone after dusk. The shadows are growing ever larger and who knows who or what might be hiding there. I’m a bit of a nervous type! If anyone’s interested, I wrote a poem about this a little while ago.

Here’s the original image and two previous edits for comparison:

Original Image
Original Image
Week One Edit
Week One Edit
Week two edit
Week two edit



7 thoughts on “One-Four Challenge: June Week Three

  1. You did a wonderful job at capturing the “dusk” look. I think I’m leaning towards your week 2 edit as my favorite 🙂


  2. The ominous tone works well, but for me it’s difficult to choose between week’s two and three. Maybe when I see week 4 I won’t have that problem any more.


  3. Love it! Definitely feels like dusk Louise!
    I so understand that feeling of wanting to lighten it up, but the darker tones work perfectly for this edition, creating that almost night time feel.


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