Travelling in Circles

Path 3

each step draws

you around

and around again

in never-ending circles


we’ve been here before

walked these paths

 trodden this ground


open your mind

open your heart

open your soul


and see

how each turn takes you



into your mind

into your heart

into your soul


glimpse eternity’s quietude

in the sunlight

playing upon the stones


follow the path with

gracious steps

for you walk not in circles

but within a meditative spiral

Path Under Tree

These photos, along with last week’s Wordless Wednesday picture, were taken at a local Japanese Meditation Garden that I visited with my mum (Millie Thom) a few weeks ago. If you’d like to know more about the garden then you can check out my mum’s post about it here. It was a beautiful place.


11 Comments on “Travelling in Circles

  1. Louise, your photos are just as wonderful as I knew they would be. Great captures of those stepping stones and your poem is simply lovely. ❤

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    • Thanks, Mum. It was a beautiful place to photograph. 🙂 I’m glad you like the poem – I actually wrote that while at work this morning! Quiet days are wonderful.

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    • It was a wonderfully peaceful and calming place. I’m glad you felt the poem fitted. 🙂 Thanks for visiting, Ali.

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