Gentle light caresses fields shorn of their summer abundance as the newly awoken sun peeks above the horizon, tinting the wide sky in pastel shades. A lonely blackbird breaks the lingering hush of the pre-dawn hours. Soon it is joined by its fellows, and their voices rise in joyous chorus. Peace settles upon me as I breathe in the magnificence of the new born day in this place that I call ‘home’.

pure light emerging

awakening wide landscape

restfulness distilled


This post is for the Weekly Photo Challenge. This week we’re asked to share a picture of a place local to us – a place that we think of as ‘home’. These pictures were taken a few weeks ago when I was out for a dawn walk to the meadow, my favourite place in the village. This is the view on the other side of the lane.

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  1. Louise – Just lovely – the photos and your thoughts…what came to mind for me, was something my father always said when we saw a Red Sky…”Red Sky at Dawning, Sailors Take Warning”. Funny but I still say it here (now living in the desert) and my husband tells me that it doesn’t work in the desert, only at sea…does it work where you are?

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    1. The rhyme works in part. I believe it’s to do with light from a clear sky in the east reflecting off clouds moving in from the west. It depends on your main weather systems moving in from the west. Our prevailing winds are south- westerly, but we also get a lot of north-easterly winds. The day I took these pictures became quite cloudy later on in the morning, but it was quite pleasant in the afternoon. I’m glad you like the post. 🙂

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  2. I meant to comment on this earlier today, such beauty! That sky and field is broken beautifully with color and light. It is gorgeous. And, your words paint a lovely image as well! Beautiful post, Louise.

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