Spring’s Dawn

On day 316 of 365 I left the house early in the morning for a walk in the dawn light.

Dawn is my favourite time to be out and about. The lanes at that time are empty of other people, with only birdsong and scurrying creatures to be heard. The morning holds an almost meditative stillness that I love to experience.

The blackthorn blossom in the hedgerows looked beautiful in the golden light of the newly risen sun, and I couldn’t resist stopping for a while to photograph it.

My route took me past the hole in the hedge through which I usually enter the meadow, and instead I walked further along the lane to the entrance to the Millennium Walk, the path that runs along its northern edge.

The fresh green leaves on the trees along the Millennium Walk offer a sure promise that Spring is advancing. This is despite the frost that was to be seen elsewhere. It was a very chilly morning though the sun did gain warmth as it rose higher in the sky and the frost soon melted.

At the bottom of the path were the bluebells. These are always my favourite flower and are a joy to see at any time, but they looked particularly beautiful in the morning’s golden glow.

Before I headed home for some breakfast I stopped beside the sandy bank at the bottom of the meadow. Both the Snakeshead Fritillary and the Greater Stitchwort flowers were still frosted.

Have you been out for an early morning walk recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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