In the Golden Evening

On day 317 of 365 Days Wild I wandered out in the early evening for my daily walk down to the meadow and pond. The light was just beginning to turn beautifully golden, especially where it caressed the petals of the daffodils at the water’s edge.

I spotted a solitary bluebell plant growing in the corner of the meadow. I don’t think I’ve ever spotted any around that area in previous years and, as far as I know, there have been no bulbs planted there, though other members of the village nature project might have done so at some time. It’s great to see them spreading further from the main patch in the little woodland.

I spent a little while sitting on a bench at the meadow’s edge. The sun – while it remained – held a lovely warmth, though the air was chill.

Before I left the meadow I noticed that one of the young Bird Cherry trees near the exit was starting to come into bloom. There were originally three of these but one failed to survived past the first few years. Hopefully this autumn the two remaining trees will produce some fruits for the birds to feast on.

I snapped a final shot over the meadow before I left, and just as I did so my phone ran out of power! Usually I’d snap a few more pictures as I walked home but instead this is the last one of the outing.

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