On the Dandelions

On day 319 of 365 Days Wild there were lots of bees on the dandelions that grow on the grass verges beside the lanes.

Despite their poor reputation, dandelions are a great source of food for our early pollinators. This was demonstrated quite clearly by the number of bees that I spotted on them as I walked along the lanes.

I also spotted a number of flies while I was out and about. Now that the weather is warming up there seem to be a lot of these emerging.

There was also a ground beetle that I managed to catch a glimpse of hiding in the grass. Unfortunately these were the best pictures I managed to get of it. It soon scurried off to hide beneath some dandelion leaves. I think it might be Harpalus affinis, but I can’t be certain without a closer look.

What have you spotted while out and about recently? Let me know in the comments below.