The Chiming of Bells

can you hear the sound

of ringing bells,

summoning quickening spirits

to frolic in

sunbeams scattered by

a fickle sun,

with wings aflutter,

paired pirouettes arise

in twining flight

to a sound embodying joy

On day 305 of 365 Days Wild I spent some time with the first bluebells of the year that are just coming into bloom beside the pond and in the little woodland area. These are my favourite flowers and are always a joy to see. They seem to be making a nice early start this year. I also spotted a brimstone, a tortoiseshell, and several peacock butterflies while I was out, all of which I tried to photograph but with no success. They were not wanting to settle! I tried to capture the scene in poetry, instead.

What flowers are in bloom where you are? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “The Chiming of Bells

  1. Lovely! Our bluebells are just getting ready to start. I’ve seen some grape hyacinth and daffodills, and lots of ornamental plum trees blooming as well!


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