Toadstools Galore

I spotted some toadstools while I was wandering around the meadow on day 41 of 365 Days Wild. They’re always such a delight to see, and doubly so this early in the season! I couldn’t resist spending a little while drawing some once I arrived home, too. This is the little toadstool cluster the picture … More Toadstools Galore

Midsummer Dawn

*sound on* dawn-lit insects dance upon sunbeams as birds raise their voices in song; like a dream forgotten upon awakening, a forlorn spirit aches for ancient magicks, tantalisingly close: an eager heart cries, ‘reach out’


awaken * to inquisitive sunbeams that nudge and question and seek, illuminating each shadowy fear that hides within the morass of insecurity coccooning deep Winter’s sleep * awaken * to gaze with innocent curiosity upon the world’s bright new beginnings, eager to embrace each glimmering opportunity held in pristine readiness within bejewelling dew * awaken … More Awaken


echoes of years passed in fleeting moments of remembered joy and heartache decoupaged upon skin in earthly keepsakes to carry into eternity’s embrace