September Dawn

stillness embraces morning in a

sheen of burnished copper, beginnings

and endings bound in delicate threads,

opposites unifying into serenity

For day 94 of 365 Days Wild I headed out of the house whilst the rest of the village remained still and sleepy. Dawn wasn’t until 6.16am, so there were a few lights on in houses as I wandered my way around to the meadow, but not many. I was actually a little late in leaving home and by the time I reached Plot Lane, and so could see the rising sun, it had already fully crested the horizon. I then only had a few minutes for photographing before the sun passed behind a bank of clouds for the next fifteen minutes or so.

Once the sun reappeared, giving me the beautiful golden light that makes a dawn walk such a magical experience, I walked along the Millenium path for a way. This is the narrow strip of woodland that divides the meadow from the farmer’s field next door. I wasn’t able to go far, however, as a branch has recently fallen, blocking the way, so I instead slipped through onto the meadow.

The light was a little hit and miss while I was out. Whilst it was lovely one moment, in the next yet more clouds had moved in, leaving it dull again. This meant that I spent quite some time simply sitting, listening to the birds and enjoying the early stillness whilst I waited the return of the sun.

Some of you might have realised my fondness for silhouettes by now. I couldn’t resist photographing the Common Knapweed seedheads against the cloudy morning sky.

The sun shining through this tree also caught my attention.

Most of the flowers in the meadow have now turned to seed but the Common Yarrow continues on strong. It’s lovely to spot in amongst all of the browns and greens.

There are also a few patches of Red Clover to be found.

This Common Field Grasshopper was in amongst the growth.

I seem to be unable to leave the house at the moment without photographing toadstools, so I’m going to finish off with some of those that I found during my early morning walk.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed accompanying me on my early morning walk.

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