Time to Explore

I’ve walked past the entrance to this track – found just outside the village – many times, but I’ve never actually walked down it. On the afternoon of day 95 of 365 Days Wild I decided that it was time to explore. The path mainly wends its way between and around farmers’ fields. It was beautifully peaceful and there were some lovely views over the flat landscape that characterises this borderland area between Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire.

As usual, I couldn’t resist photographing this toadstool that I spotted beside the path. The ladybird playing hide and seek next to it was a happy, if unexpected, addition.

I also spotted some purple nightshade, which I’ve never actually seen before. Unfortunately, it was too windy to get a clear shot of it. This was the best that I managed and it’s somewhat lacking in clarity.

That’s all for today. Are there any paths near you that you like to explore?

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