Nature Walk

For day 96 of 365 Days Wild I ventured out for my daily nature walk, wandering around the local lanes as I made my way towards the meadow. My first stop was at the corner, not far from my house, where the Creeping Wood-sorrel is in flower on the grass verge.

I also spotted a few Speedwell flowers growing alongside it.

Only a short way further along ghe lane, the Cyclamen flowers drew my attention. I always think that these, with their delicate appearance and pastel shades, look like escapees from Spring.

Once I arrived in the meadow I spent a little while with the little orange toadstools on the meadow path, before moving on into the little woodland in search of more.

One of the old tree stumps beside the stream was a particularly good place for spotting them!

I also spotted this little toadstool in amongst the leaf litter.

Once back out into the meadow again I spent quite some time searching for ladybirds in the Knapweed seedheads. They weren’t particularly hard to find! The 7-Spot ladybirds have done really well in the meadow this year, and the Knapweed seems to have been a favourite habitat.

The highlight of my walk occurred right at the end, as I walked past a neighbour’s house. The sparrows in the hedge usually fall silent as I walk past. This time they didn’t. I stopped, realising that something was going on, and had just switched my phone on and onto camera mode when a sparrowhawk emerged from the hedge right in front of me. I was lucky enough to snap a picture before it realised I was there and flew off.

I hope you enjoyed accompanying me on my wander. Have you been on a nature walk recently? Have you spotted anything interesting? Why not let me know in the comments?

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