The Spirit of the Jay


a glint of colour shimmering

in coruscating light;


avenues of possibly unveiled

by positivity’s courage;


patience rewarded in bright

opportunity manifest;


I found a Jay feather while out on my walk on day 230 of 365 Days Wild.

The Jay’s message is about the necessary ability of being able to adapt to a changing situation; the importance of taking risks in order to seize the opportunities that have opened up before us – for there are always new avenues to explore. We must be bold and curious. Intelligence and courage, however, must be balanced with discreet silence and patient timing. The Jay reminds us that we must know when to stand tall, and when to lay low.

How have you been connecting with nature recently? Let me know in the comments.

3 thoughts on “The Spirit of the Jay

  1. i always like finding a feather as i feel the bird left it for me as a gift.

    last night i could hear two owls calling out to each other (?) in the trees just outside my back door. they could not have been more than 20 feet apart. first one and then a few seconds later, the other. then the first one again….


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