Meadow Birds

On day 231 of 365 Says Wild I wandered down to the meadow and spent some time watching the birds on the feeders.

To go with my new phone, I recently treated myself to a set of clip on lenses – a set which includes a telephoto lens. There are always so many birds in the hedgerows when I’m out and about, and the phone camera alone simply doesn’t have a good enough zoom for me to catch them. I was determined to try my new mini lens out on the birds in meadow. I managed to get a few moderately decent shots but most were, unfortunately, blurry. The lens set came with a mini tripod which will be very useful for other shots, but wasn’t much use by the feeders as I had nowhere to place it. It’s very tricky to get a clear zoomed shot when shooting hand-held.

There were Blue Tits, Great Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Sparrows, Robins, and Blackbirds all hopping around. I only managed to get usable pictures of the first two.

Have you been watching any of your local wildlife lately? Let me know in the comments below.

2 thoughts on “Meadow Birds

  1. I’m sure you will get the hang of it soon. We have a strange dearth of small birds at the moment. Sparrowhawks have been circling for months – maybe they are responsible


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