Beside Pooling Waters

I spent day 261 of 365 Days Wild sat on a bench beside the pond. … More Beside Pooling Waters

Bedroom Plants

Someone recently told me that they don’t have plants in their bedroom because of the carbon dioxide (co2) that they release at night. This was not an argument that I’d ever heard before. Generally, most articles I’ve seen about house plants just talk about the many benefits of having them, so I decided to spend … More Bedroom Plants

Rainy Day Wander

Day 149 of 365 Days Wild was yet another rainy day. We seem to have had quite a lot of those lately! It didn’t, however, stop me from getting out for a wander. Rainy days, unfortunately, mean a lack of light, and these conditions mean that my phone camera struggles somewhat. I took a few … More Rainy Day Wander