Golden Afternoon

On day 189 of 365 Days Wild I ventured out for an afternoon walk.

The light was golden when I left the house, though the sun was mainly hidden behind the plumes of smoke and steam that I think are probably the chimneys of the sugarbeet factory in nearby Newark. From about October onward’s every year a strange, sickly sweet scent drifts on the wind currents around this whole area. I hated it when I first moved to the town back when I was a child but soon grew to love it. I hadn’t realised just how much I’d missed it, living in Lincoln, until I moved back within its range.

My walk took me down past the pond. The trunks of the trees on the bank and the last of the leaves that continue to cling to their branches were beautifully aglow.

By the time I was back on the lane the sky’s earlier golden tones had begun to deepen and take on a rosy hue. Unfortunately a band of clouds at the horizon hid the sun before it reached the horizon and a lack of clouds higher in the sky meant that sunset wasn’t particularly impressive. It was pretty enough for me to snap a few pictures, though.

I arrived home shortly after sunset and headed straight down to the bottom of the garden to see if any further colours had developed. They hadn’t, but a light mist had started to settle over the field. There was one little area where the mist was thicker and the sheep appeared to be fascinated by it. As I watched them, they all gathered and started jumping around in the mist. My only view of them was through the branches of a tree and the light was fading, but I managed a few pictures before I headed inside.

That’s all for today. Have you been out for a nature walk, recently? Let me know in the comments below.

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