Forever in Roses

By this point in the year, nearly midway through November, the roses have usually all reached the end of their flowering season. This Autumn, though, has been so mild that there are several rose bushes in our garden that are continuing to bloom, with new buds regularly appearing. On day 164 of 365 Days Wild I decided to spend some time photographing them. These red roses caught my eye during a brief burst of early morning sun, as the light caught on the droplets held between the closely furled petals.

There was both a ladybird and a spider on one of the flowers, sitting on opposite sides of the same petal.

It’s not only the red roses that continue to flower. Two yellow rose bushes are also producing new buds, too. One of these is a climbing rose that grows against a wooden pagoda over the path to the bottom of the garden. I had thought that this plant had finally dropped its last petals of the year, so spotting three new ones as I nipped down to the shed in the afternoon was a lovely surprise.

The second yellow rose bush is in the same flower bed as the red rose, and, like it, was a gift from my brother. As a family, we often gift one another plants. Several of the rose bushes now found growing in the garden were given in gift baskets or plant arrangements, and were planted out once they outgrew their pot.

That’s all for today. Are there any flowers blooming where you are? Why not let me know in the comments section below?

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