Unexpected Sunbeams

Day 163 of 365 Days Wild was pleasantly mild but rather overcast when I headed out for my daily walk. This means that, while it was lovely to be out and about, it was a bit of an unsatisfactory photography session… At least until the end.

I was just about to leave the village Nature Project site and wander home when I encountered a fellow meadow walker. We stopped and chatted (socially distanced, of course) for a while and, just as we parted company, the sun emerged from behind clouds as it sank towards the horizon. The golden light on the trees was such a gorgeous sight as it heightened the autumnal golds in its lustrous glow, and had been so nearly missed.

I swiftly made my way back to the little woodland and the pond, where sunbeams burst through the trees and shattered over the water.

I sat at the water’s edge until the sun set.

I finally made my way home in the last of the day’s light, feeling uplifted by the unexpected beauty that I had been fortunate enough to experience.

That’s all for today. Have you had any unexpectedly lovely outings lately? I’d love to know. Just leave a comment below.

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