Dancing on Sunbeams



ripples through the air

in effervescent expressions of joy

whilst gossamer wings



Web of Light


shadows retreat

as hope’s golden glow


the pervasive web of negativity

and joy shines through

I was going to post this picture as yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday, but then the words came into my head and insisted on being included, so I thought I’d save it for today instead.

As most of you probably know by now, I’m currently in the middle of NaNoWriMo, writing 50,000 words of a YA steampunk fantasy novel/novella during the month of November. I’m hoping to publish this on Amazon some time next year, once it’s had a thorough editing, of course. As I still have last years NaNo novel sat on my computer, unedited, this might be a little optimistic…

But, positive thoughts – I will get it done! 😀

Because of Nano, though, my time on the blog at the moment is very limited. Today I’m hoping to hit at least 38,000 words (I’m currently at 37,141), which will place me only 2000 words behind the daily target of 40,00o. As I’m not a particularly fast writer I’m spending pretty much every spare moment tapping away at my laptop. I am very determined to hit that 50,000 mark by the end of November!

So, to everyone who has visited, liked or commented on posts recently, thank you very much. It’s greatly appreciated. I will try to get back to everybody as soon as possible.


And Happy Thanksgiving to anyone over in America. 🙂

Dionysus Smiles


lord of wild spaces

revelling in vibrant shades

before frosts return

dionysus frosty small.jpg

I thought I’d take a little break from my NaNoWriMo writing to share a couple of photos and a haiku with you. These pictures were both taken in my sister’s garden – a fascinating area that’s full of little moss covered statues and odd ornaments. The statue of Dionysus is one of my favourites. The first picture of it was taken last week. The second was back in January.

Hopefully I’ll return to the blog later on in the week. For now I really need to return to working on my steampunk novella. I’m ridiculously behind my target word count after working all weekend!

Changing Seasons 2016: October


During October I’ve again been photographing around the local meadow, wooded area and stream, taking pictures for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons photography challenge. For those of you who don’t know, local to me is a little village in the east of England, near the border between Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire. The meadow is my favourite place in the village. I like to sit beside the stream, or on a bench in the meadow, to write my stories and poems. I find the place wonderfully calming and inspirational. Unfortunately I haven’t spent anywhere near as much time there this month as I would have liked, especially over the last fortnight, which means that the majority of these pictures were taken during the first half of the month. Hopefully I’ll be able to get out more in November.

Don’t forget to click on the galleries for a larger view of each picture.

Let’s begin by taking a little wander through the trees, watching out for toadstools underfoot, and down to the stream…

Although the mild weather we’ve been having this year means that the leaves are only just turning, October has nevertheless seen autumn steadily taking a stronger hold. Fruits and seeds were flourishing wherever I looked, with toadstools in particular becoming a regular focus for pictures.

Whilst the majority of the leaves have only just begun shifting into their autumnal colours, there were a few early ones that caught my eye.

Bare of summer flowers, the meadow has provided far fewer opportunities for photography during October than in previous months. But that’s not to say it’s provided none at all. There have been a number of misty mornings, and these in particular gave me some interesting scenes to capture.

I’ve already posted some black and white pictures of the spiderwebs that could be found adorning the trees and plants, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few pictures in colour, as well.

Unfortunately, there has been little in the way of wildlife for me to photograph this month. I’ve spotted a number of squirrels, but they never stay in one place long enough for me to capture them on camera, whilst the spiderwebs were all strangely devoid of spiders (not that I’m really complaining about that!). I did have one encounter with a robin during which I took a lot of pictures. Like the squirrels, though, he was flitting around so quickly that only one shot is even close to being in focus, the rest are pure blur.  I thought I’d share that one with you anyway, even though it’s not as clear as I’d have liked, along with a shot of a buzzard in flight over the meadow and a late red admiral butterfly enjoying the ivy flowers.

I hope you enjoyed October’s pictures. Did you have a favourite? I’d love to know.

If you’d like to check out the previous months galleries you can follow the links below:



Changing Season 2016: September

It’s a few days later than I’d intended, but here’s my September post for Cardinal Guzman’s Changing Seasons photography challenge. This year I’m photographing around my favourite place – the meadow, wooded area and stream in my village on the border between Nottinghamshire and Lincolnshire, England. I find the place wonderfully inspiring, and I write many of my stories and poems while I’m there. I hope you all enjoy the virtual tour.

Remember to click on the galleries to see the pictures at a larger size.

Come on in:

Dawn Lit Entrance 2.jpg

Follow the path into the little wooded area…

During September the wooded area and stream became my favourite place to spend time photographing. With the first hints of autumnal colours beginning to show, the fruits and seeds in the trees and the toadstools underfoot, the area became even more enchanting than usual.

Here are a few general views of the area:

And here are a few close ups:

Whilst the bright colours of the summer flowers had faded from the meadow during September, beauty could still be found amongst the sea of golden grass and seedheads that filled the area. The many small trees, paths, fences and tree stumps provided focal points for general views:

A closer look revealed intriguing shapes and forms in the seedheads, and even a last few flowers hidden in the long grass:

As well as the growing things I always like to capture pictures of the wildlife that inhabit the area. This is never quite everything that I see when I’m there – most of it moves far too quickly for me – but I  catch what I can. I was particularly pleased this month by the shot of the grey squirrel. He might be missing a part of his paw but at least he isn’t just a blur like all the others I’ve photographed!

Most of the pictures of the meadow were taken before September 22nd. On the Autumn Equinox it underwent one of its most sudden changes of the year – it was given a haircut!


This is how the meadow looked afterwards:


If you’d like to see how this month’s views compare to previous month’s you can check out  my other Changing Seasons galleries by following the links below:


I hope you all liked the pictures. I’d love to know if you have a favourite.


First to Fall


they are the first to fall

they will not be

the last


I had hoped to post my September Changing Season’s gallery today. Unfortunately I’m not yet done with sorting through the pictures! These shots were taken earlier on in the month so I thought I’d share them and the little poem that I wrote when I took them. There are now many more conkers lying under the horse chestnut trees, but these were the first to fall.

I’ve had little time this week to do anything on the blog, so I’m sorry to everyone who’s visited and commented who I haven’t got back to. I’ll try to get around to everyone over the next week or so.

FFfAW: Wisps of Gold


Photo prompt – © Phylor

Wisps of Gold

Emily stood beside the piled leaves, peering around the garden for any that might have escaped her notice. It had taken far longer than she’d expected to scrape the mound together, each breeze threatening to undo her work, but she’d been determined to gather every golden scrap she could find.

“Well?” she called. “How’s that?”

A pale face peered from the darkness of the barn. An arm stretched out, finger pointing. “You missed some.”

Mummy would have been cross if she’d heard Emily’s words as she turned and saw the scatter of leaves newly tossed over the grass. “Damn wind – leave my leaves alone!” she shouted at the sky. As if in defiance, a fresh gust sent Emily running again.

She returned the final armful to the pile, and, grinning excitedly, ran back to her new friend. “Come on. Quick!”

With a whoop the pair dashed over the lawn, leaping into the crunchy heap in a shower of laughter, setting golden wisps to flight. Bathed in sunlight, Emily’s companion smiled.

And faded from sight.

Word Count: 175

To read the other entries, click the little blue frog.


This post is for the Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers challenge, run by Priceless Joy. This week’s photo prompt was provide by Phylor. Thank you Phylor!