Embracing Autumn

cloaked in society’s expectations

individuality lies suffocated beneath

conformity’s desire to belong

but Autumn clad in Spring’s garb

plays an unsuited role as bright

colours fade and connections dissolve

until expectations lie discarded

in a carpet of tumbled leaves

and naked truths are bared to a

frost of thoughtless jeers that melt

away into morning mist in the

dawning light of self-acceptance


Sometimes I half write things into WordPress drafts that then get abandoned, incomplete and forgotten. This poem was one of these. I was having a wander through my drafts folder earlier and not only did the wording of the second half of it finally come together, I also realised I had the perfect set of pictures to accompany it. Anyway, here we are now, several years after I wrote the first half of it, and finally ready to share. I hope you like it.


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