wait yet a while, safe

inside your armoured

casing, protected from

the world beyond with

defensive spines turned

against invaders; your

time will come to cast off

the wizened husks that

seek to constrain, and

growth will come for

one who fortune favours

when freedom’s lustre

proves soon to fade away

Not all of the conkers are quite ready to leave their cases.

When they’re freshly emerging, conkers have such a wonderfully lustrous shine, but within only a few days they start to appear dull and tired, blending into the dirt and the leaf litter. Only a few of them will ever get the opportunity to grow into mighty trees, but all of them hold the potential. The circumstances just need to be right for them to do so.

Can a comparison be made between conkers and people…? As always, I’ll leave the reader to take as much or as little from my poetry as they wish to find in it.

This post is for day 121 of 365 Days Wild.

2 thoughts on “Encased

  1. I still have to pick up some each year and carry them around for some time. I discover them later and throw them in some likely place where they may have a chance to grow.


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