At the Water’s Edge

On the afternoon of day 139 of 365 Days Wild I decided to visit the pond. I was hoping to spot the trio of adolescent swans who I’m told have taken up residence on the stretch of dyke, but there was no sign of them yet again. There was a pair of ducks swimming around when I first arrived, but they darted away down the stream as soon as they realised I was present. I thought that I’d managed to snap a couple of pictures of them before they vanished, but, unfortunately, all I managed to get was blur. Needless to say, I haven’t bothered to include those shots.

Here are some pictures of the pond sadly devoid of water birds.

Despite the weather having been cloudy all day previously, and the forecast predicting no breaks in the cloud, I was fortunate enough to have the sun make an appearance while I was out and about. The light reflected beautifully off the water.

The view down at the pond is now a very autumnal one. I particularly loved the way in which the fallen leaves on the water appeared to populate the reflected branches.

That’s all for today. Have you been out and about recently? I’d love to know. Just leave a comment below.

2 thoughts on “At the Water’s Edge

  1. Yesterday I was fortunate to see the kingfisher following the course of the river. I see it quite often from the vantage point of a footbridge but have only ever managed to photograph it once, from a distance.

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    1. Ooh. Verh nice! A kingfisher is a special thing to see. I’ve never managed to photograph one, either, though I’ve seen one a few times in the distance in Hartsholme Park in Lincoln.

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