crystalline futures glimmer

amidst scraps of lives torn

into freefall by bitter winds


each fallen leaf enriches

the soil for future growth


each tear drop waters

errant seedlings of change


await the turning season

for storms can be weathered

and growth will begin anew

This post is for day 169 of 365 Days Wild, a day when I went out for a walk amongst the fallen leaves.

They were everywhere – including resting on the caps of toadstools in the meadow.

The leaves gathered on the water at the edge of the pond particularly drew my eye. They looked like a giant leaf! This effect was heightened when a sunbeam burst through the clouds and highlighted the ‘stem’ of the leaf. It only lasted a very brief moment – just enough for me snap one photograph, but not long enough for two.

That’s all for today. Are the leaves falling where you are? I’d love to know. Just leave a comment below.

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