Of Greens and Graveyards

On day 241 of 365 Days Wild I wandered down to the village green, having been informed that the Winter Aconites have started to come into flower. This is the only place in the village where I’ve ever spotted these beautiful flowers. They’re such a lovely sight.

There were also snowdrops in flower nearby.

The green is opposite the village church.

So, whilst I was nearby I thought I’d pop into the churchyard and see what was in flower around the gravestones. It, too, is currently filled with snowdrops.

I always find the sight of new life amidst the death to be a moving one.

There are also the first few tiny blue flowers that I think might be Squills (Scilla siberica) emerging around the gravestones. It’s still very early for these. By the end of February they’ll carpet the whole area.

Have you spotted any new flowers emerging recently? Let me know in the comments below

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    1. We rarely get much snow here in the East Midlands. Even when everywhere else seems to be covered in it, we tend to stay snow free which means that Spring tends to arrive very early. Thanks for visiting and commenting, Joseph.

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