Of Sunset and Felt Art

I ventured out shortly before sunset on day 166 of 365 Days Wild, an event that yesterday happened at 4:11pm. I wasn’t actually expecting any display of colour as a blanket of cloud had been over us for most of the afternoon, but, shortly before the sun reached the horizon, there was a slight break in the clouds. This allowed the light to shine through, staining the sky around it orange. I didn’t take many pictures, but I was relatively happy with the few shots that I did manage to get.

I didn’t stay out for long – mainly because I was working on a new felt and embroidery picture at home that I wanted to get back to. I’ve now completed the first stage of its creation. Next step is to add the embroidery detail. Hopefully that won’t take too long to do!

The photograph that the picture is based on was taken back in early October. It’s one of my favourite toadstool photographs from this year.

Possibly Common Bonnet (Mycena galericulata)

That’s all for today. Have you watched the sunset, or been inspired by nature to create anything recently?

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