Celebrations of Life

for the bluebells celebrate their

ephemeral existences upon the land

of bone and creeping earthworm,

drawing life from amidst death,

drawing hope from amidst pain:

nature’s joy surrounding cold stone

On day 345 of 365 Days Wild I walked the loop of lanes around the outskirts of the village. It was cloudy, but the sun kept try to break through which always cheers any scene. The robins and blackbirds were singing in all of the trees and hedgerows. Bees trundled between flowers. It was a perfect time to be out of the house.

My first stop was at the churchyard, which is beautifully filled with bluebells.

One of my favourite places to stop on this walk is where the lane crosses the Gooseholme Dyke, the same dyke that feeds the pond in the Nature Project. The hawthorn blossom is starting to come into bloom.

The grass verges alongside the lanes are fillimg up with lots of wildflowers. The mowing regime of the local council is very considerate of the necessity of wildflowers on grass verges for pollinators. They strim edges and sight-lines as necessary for road safety, but leave most of the verge to grow.

I spotted some little pink cranesbill flowers.

The first of the buttercups were also in flower on the verges.

The dandelions have now all started transforming into their more delicate forms.

Have you been out and about recently?

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