A Hyacinth Heyday

On day 300 of 365 I spent some time with the hyacinths in the garden. Not only do these flowers look lovely, they also have a beautiful scent that fills the air around them.

Every year my dad plants hyacinth bulbs in pots for inside the house. Once they finish flowering and the leaves start dying back he then plants them out in the garden. It usually takes a few years before they start producing blooms, but with new ones going in every year they create quite an impressive display.

Every year except this one, anyway. With lockdown and the closure of non-essential shop there were no new bulbs to go into pots, and so this is the first year when there are no new bulbs going into the garden. I don’t really mind the lack of flowers in the house, though. I tend to find their scent a bit too cloying in the confines of four walls. I much prefer to catch it drifting on the breeze.

Do you have any hyacinths flowering? Let me know in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “A Hyacinth Heyday

  1. A fine display. I have been recycling potted hyacinths into the garden for years. The time lag you mention means they are always a pleasant surprise when they bloom again


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